Sticky Harvest

Things worked out pretty well. The CBD and the smaller Sour Diesel would have been better off in bigger pots, but they produced some healthy meds. The Mighty Quinn was pretty happy from start to finish. She could have filled out more in my opinion. I didn't prune her well enough, so she had too many small side branches that used up growing energy. This strain (Amherst Sour Diesel) is a high quality producer. Very nice medicine :)

Here's the group a week or so ago ~ You can click on each photo to enlarge

CBD Medical Plant ~ I'm going to make CBD edibles ~ Maybe peanut butter candy or coconut oil tincture

The Mighty Quinn ~ She became pretty heavy. I had already removed some branches in the middle for a "sample".

Too many trichome photos LOL. The focus isn't the best, but they're still pretty anyway